Combining quality and reliability

Made by Sweden

ELLWEE is manufactured in Sweden’s automotive heartland in Trollhättan, and combines sumptuous design with quality and reliability. Its low-weight construction means you get a stable and easily operated vehicle, with a sealed transaxle to prevent grit and dirt from entering. Our patent-pending rear axle features individual suspension and an ingenious anti-spin system that causes little wear and tear on surfaces, such as grass.

1 | Speed up your round

Faster Rounds

Achieve near 30% faster rounds with Ellwee compared to traditional two-seater carts. For some of us, golf is a sport and time is extremely important. Nothing makes us better players than more play time.

2 | Protect the course

Less wear and tear

When it comes to wear and tear, Ellwee outclasses the competition today. At only 3.2 PSI, Ellwee is best in class and nearly half your average golf cart at 5.7 PSI. We achieve this through larger wheels, less weight and a patent pending anti-spin suspension system.

3 | Versatile, agile and fun to drive

Versatility in motion

Ellwee delivers a versatile, agile, and fun to drive experience. It has reimagined scooters and utility vehicles and has been developed to hold anything you desire through modular components such as coolers, roofs, two bag caddy and storage attachments.

4 | Built upon sustainable energy

Powered by electricity

Ellwee doesn't rely on big, high-powered petrol driven engines, instead we use an energy efficient 1500 W brushless motor. You can charge it conveniently at any wall socket and be on your way whilst feeling good about your contribution to a cleaner, more sustainable world.

5 | Not settling for second best

Top-class engineering

Ellwee's electrified powertrain control system is developed by T-Engineering, a world-renowned automotive manufacturer. Providing the ability add functions such as lane assist, auto breaking, gyro-control and GPS. Cabeco provide our wire harness solution, and have distributed to leading manufacturers such as Volvo, McLaren, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

6 | From the heart of Sweden

Scandinavian design

Ellwee was designed by the award-winning Eduard Gray studio, featured in Forbes Life Magazine, CNN, Top Gear and Auto Bild. They interpreted our wildest ideas and requirements, and packaged them into incredible designs true to their Scandinavian heritage.

7 | Well equipped for the modern day

Smart and Connected

Ellwee (Premium Plus Model) comes equipped with an high resolution display. With Android driven software the device becomes smarter everyday and gives you information about your energy use and charge notifications. In addition to this, you can select your favourite Golf application for use on the golf course.

8 | Feel safe at the wheel

Safety is key

Safety is a key priority. For downhill we have fitted an engine brake, in addition to a parking brake system. ‘Geo fencing’ is built in protecting you from off-limit areas such as greens, water and danger zones, as well as a gyroscope to stabilize the vehicle from tipping. Ellwee will automatically slow if you don’t apply power to the throttle, as well as course specified settings.



Strong & Reliable

Proprietary steel construction

Wheels & Tyres

Study & low wear and tear

Aluminum wheels 8″. Round edge tyres: 16 x 7.50-8″


Long-lasting & Fast Recharge

Battery: 4 AGM batteries 12 V, 59 Ah


Powerful & Efficient

48 Volt DC induction motor, 1500 W


Drum & Hydraulics

Drumbrakes on rear wheels, double hydraulic disc brakes on front wheels


Size & Weight

Length 160 cm/63”, Width 86 cm/33.9”, Height 115 cm/45.3”, Weight 196 kg/432 lb

Max speed: 20 mph / 32 km/h, Range: 100 km, Charge Time: 8 hours, Max weight driver: 130 kg, Max load: 280 kg

Ellwee features with 4 color variations

Pitch Black, Pearl White, Hunter Green & Ocean Blue.

From Only 45 995 SEK*

Excluding VAT, for the Premium Version of the brand new ELLWEE X 2018 Edition. Fully tested by third party accreditation institutes to meet the highest EU and US standards.

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