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Serious preparation for serial production!

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Ellwee is preparing for serial production this autumn and expect steady demand for 2018. The brand new 48V vehicle will be delivered to customers in November. Tests conducted on the new engine has been completed with very satisfying results.

Working very closely with our amazing distribution partners Range Servant. The Ellwee out on show at the PGA Conference.

Ellwee was featured in the Swedish golf industry magazine golfbranschen.se as the lead story from the Elmia outdoor conference which was held two weeks ago in Jönköping.

We will also be present at the Golfmässan in Malmö to make an impact there on the 9 – 10th October.

The company has also successfully completed a new financing round, which will be released in detail shortly. This will enable Ellwee to head in to 2018 at full speed and continue to evolve our innovative product.

We’ve had a busy summer at Ellwee.

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The summer has been busy for Ellwee. The first batch/pre-series of 35 Ellwee’s are currently being produced in our new factory in Trollhättan. So far, Ellwee has been delivered to the US and to a few countries across Europe.

Our two founders went on a short sales tour together with representatives from Range Servant, and the feedback from end-customers (golf courses) and end-users (golfers) has been very satisfying. There are minor adjustments we need to meet. Amongst other things, the company is upgrading the Ellwee electric solution from 36V to 48V, which will enable the product to be even better, stronger and faster. Ellwee has been working and will continuously work closely with local suppliers such as Cabeco, ÅF and T-engineering to ensure the highest output in quality and process.

During this period, the Ellwee has been used in pilot-tests, in the so-called “utility segment”. Swedish Filmindustri utilized them behind the scenes at a movie set, delivering props and equipment. Uddevalla Grand Prix supplied their night guards with them as they required quiet vehicles to patrol the area and not disturb sleeping camping guests. Both companies have praised the multi-purpose Ellwee for being a very versatile electric vehicles that has met their demands.

Ellwee is now delivering!

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We are proud to say that we are about to deliver the first batch of our electric vehicles to customers in USA, Europe and Australia. “It’s definitely a milestone to be able to deliver this first pre-series, a batch of 35 Ellwees to our customers.” – says Viggo Hansson

Demand for Ellwee has been high and we expect to begin taking new orders for a second batch from August onwards.

In May, Ellwee was showcased in two online golf magazines (golf.kittad.se and svenskgolf.se) as well a start-up magazine (breakit.se). This summer, Ellwee will be present at Golfresan on tour. We are proud sponsors of the Hole-in-one challenge.  You can view the schedule here.