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Ellwee will be attending PGA Merchandise Show 2018 on 23-26th January

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It is that time of year again!

Ellwee will be landing back in Orlando for the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. Since our last visit in 2017 the Ellwee has evolved in all areas – design, engineering and technology.

Computer Generated Concept of the ‘evolved’ Ellwee (Above)

We will be releasing the full specification for the ‘Evolved’ Ellwee over the coming weeks, as well as real photos/videos of the vehicle in action. If you are planning to attend the PGA Show you will hear more about the new vehicle and what we have been working on over the last 6 months.

We look forward to seeing you at and show, and we are excited to share more very soon.

Serious preparation for serial production!

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Ellwee is preparing for serial production this autumn and expect steady demand for 2018. The brand new 48V vehicle will be delivered to customers in November. Tests conducted on the new engine has been completed with very satisfying results.

Working very closely with our amazing distribution partners Range Servant. The Ellwee out on show at the PGA Conference.

Ellwee was featured in the Swedish golf industry magazine golfbranschen.se as the lead story from the Elmia outdoor conference which was held two weeks ago in Jönköping.

We will also be present at the Golfmässan in Malmö to make an impact there on the 9 – 10th October.

The company has also successfully completed a new financing round, which will be released in detail shortly. This will enable Ellwee to head in to 2018 at full speed and continue to evolve our innovative product.

We’ve had a busy summer at Ellwee.

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The summer has been busy for Ellwee. The first batch/pre-series of 35 Ellwee’s are currently being produced in our new factory in Trollhättan. So far, Ellwee has been delivered to the US and to a few countries across Europe.

Our two founders went on a short sales tour together with representatives from Range Servant, and the feedback from end-customers (golf courses) and end-users (golfers) has been very satisfying. There are minor adjustments we need to meet. Amongst other things, the company is upgrading the Ellwee electric solution from 36V to 48V, which will enable the product to be even better, stronger and faster. Ellwee has been working and will continuously work closely with local suppliers such as Cabeco, ÅF and T-engineering to ensure the highest output in quality and process.

During this period, the Ellwee has been used in pilot-tests, in the so-called “utility segment”. Swedish Filmindustri utilized them behind the scenes at a movie set, delivering props and equipment. Uddevalla Grand Prix supplied their night guards with them as they required quiet vehicles to patrol the area and not disturb sleeping camping guests. Both companies have praised the multi-purpose Ellwee for being a very versatile electric vehicles that has met their demands.

Ellwee is now delivering!

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We are proud to say that we are about to deliver the first batch of our electric vehicles to customers in USA, Europe and Australia. “It’s definitely a milestone to be able to deliver this first pre-series, a batch of 35 Ellwees to our customers.” – says Viggo Hansson

Demand for Ellwee has been high and we expect to begin taking new orders for a second batch from August onwards.

In May, Ellwee was showcased in two online golf magazines (golf.kittad.se and svenskgolf.se) as well a start-up magazine (breakit.se). This summer, Ellwee will be present at Golfresan on tour. We are proud sponsors of the Hole-in-one challenge.  You can view the schedule here.

Ellwee’s launch at the PGA Merchandise show receives amazing response.

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A couple of days ago Ellwee Co-Founders Mathias Lindmark and Viggo Hansson arrived in Orlando, Florida along with arguably the coolest electric multi purpose vehicle around. Their mission? To introduce the world to Ellwee at the renowned PGA merchandise show.

After a few busy days of preparations, we’re pleased to say that Ellwee has now officially launched – at one of the biggest golf industry events of the year!


Excited visitors take the opportunity to check the Ellwee out up close and personal

“The response from visitors has been tremendous! Golf course owners as well as golfers of all levels all appreciate the vehicle and have expressed really positive comments, many viewing it as an interesting complement to the ordinary golf cart” says Mathias.

“We have had two TV-channels interviewing us so far, it’s great to see such a big interest in our product and exciting to gain exposure even outside the PGA show itself.”, adds Viggo.

The Ellwee vehicle is being showcased for three days in Orlando, during the PGA merchandise show, with the help of our distributing partner Range Servant.

Ellwee signs two year agreement with Professional Golfers Association (PGA)

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve signed a two year agreement, 2017-2018, with the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of Sweden.

PGA Sweden’s main focus is to foster the traditions and culture of golf in Sweden. One of the organization’s main objectives is to make sure that more golf courses meet the needs of all categories of golfers – which goes hand in hand with Ellwee’s vision to produce an incredibly versatile electric vehicle – the next generation single-seat electric golf cart.

In short, the agreement gives Ellwee the right to use the PGA corporate logotype in all their marketing in the European Union; to showcase the vehicle during PGA educational days; to be presented by PGA Sweden in their official communication channels and having the Ellwee logotype visible together with all other major partners of PGA Sweden.

“We are very excited about the agreement, since it is a “stamp of approval” and a strong sign of the quality of our vehicle, and efforts to meet the needs of golfers” says Viggo Hansson, Co-Founder of Ellwee.

“PGA is an institution. An extremely powerful organization within golf, enabling us to market our golf cart in Europe in joint efforts. It also shows that PGA Sweden believe in our product, which is thrilling in itself” says Mathias Lindmark, Co-Founder of Ellwee.

Ellwee Founders Interview

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As Ellwee gets ready to disrupt the electrical bicycle and scooter market and deliver a quality multi purpose vehicle to people with various needs from across the globe – we took the opportunity to sit down with our two founders, Viggo Hansson and Mathias Lindmark, to learn more about them, their vision and which one of them is sometimes referred to as “the cable guy”…

Mathias Lindmark & Viggo Hansson



Viggo Hansson: Fun, affordable and very versatile.

Mathias Lindmark: Well then, to complement Viggo’s words I would say agile, reliable and long-range.



Viggo: Its for all generations of a family, from 15 years old and up. It could be used for commuting and for easier work around your villa for the parent, for recreation and fun for the teenager or perhaps even for an elderly person that might not get out as much as he or she would like to? This is what we believe makes our product so interesting – and that’s only looking briefly at the consumer side. When it comes to B2B there are many potential areas, for example resorts, hospitals, airports and in smart city solutions where electric vehicles to a larger degree get integrated into the community itself.

Mathias: That’s beside targeting golf courses and golfers. Golf is our main focus area for 2017, partly because we have identified a need for affordable single person vehicles in that segment. The golf cart industry is changing and we aim to play a part in that.



Viggo: Before Ellwee, I was in the online business, specifically running web shops. Amongst other things, I have been importing and selling a variety of things from China online. For a period of time, I imported a single person golf cart from China. However, it was evident that the quality was very hard to uphold. Although, I understood that a single person vehicle raised substantial interest from many Swedish golf course owners. So I brought in Mathias, and we decided to build our own focusing on quality and reliability.

Mathias: I’m mainly from the online business field as well. Until recently, I have been involved in another start-up focusing on building a global gaming platform. When Viggo approached me to see If was interested in starting this company with him, I didn’t even blink: The idea to conceptualise, develop, manufacture and sell an affordable and Swedish made electric multi purpose vehicle is really intriguing to me and something I felt I had to be part of.



Mathias: Well, the short story is that we began with conceptualising and raising money during spring/summer 2015. Early on we employed skilled personnel who previously had been working with electric car development at the SAAB factory in Trollhättan. We finished our first prototype, which we jokingly decided to call V2 (version 2) because of it’s innovative concept, in October 2015. The next prototype was ready in April 2016.

Viggo: Yeah, I remember those early prototypes very well. Compared to where we are today with V6, now ready for production, it almost feels like another lifetime. To sum it up, we have been very effective in managing to build a high quality Swedish vehicle in a very short period of time.



Viggo: Similar to many other start-ups, I would probably say that scarce resources has been a major factor. Time delays and sourcing difficulties in the early development phases also made life a bit more difficult for us. A real pride during this whole journey for me is that any problem that has come up has also been dealt with – even if it’s meant very long hours away from our families or limited sleep… On that note, I also want to thank to our business angels, mechanics on the floor, business incubator Innovatum, as well as governmental support from Västra Götalands Region, Almi Företagspartner  and Vinnova – we have been given financial and practical help in so many ways. That’s been key, really.

Mathias: I agree completely and when it comes to the development of the vehicle, we could not have done this without Conny Land, our leading mechanical engineer for almost a year. His previous experience in the field from Volvo PowerTrain and other places has been invaluable, throughout this period of time.



Mathias: I would say that we have similarities when it comes to the ability sell a vision and idea to people. I would say though, that Viggo has been the company “bull terrier”, relentlessly driving the development of the vehicle and project forward, thankfully.  I’m a bit more academic and have been focusing on our financing and organizational matters.

Viggo: That’s true, haha, I’m the guy who makes the calls to everyone, and Mathias sums it up in writing. He calls me ‘the cable guy’ sometimes… But seriously, the working relationship has been great. I think Mathias complements my strengths with his ability and experience to get investors and institutions on our side.



Viggo: I would say that it began as coincidence, but ended up a choice. It started back when I imported Chinese golf carts and a group of golf enthusiasts and former SAAB employees approached me to buy a few from me. When Mathias and I started this company we quickly realised that we should stay in Trollhättan, an area in which electric car craftsmanship and industry knowledge is probably more substantial than anywhere else in Sweden. Specifically, we have noticed that in and around the Trollhättan municipal, there is a willingness to support a new generation of automotive companies.



Mathias: Actually, neither of us came up with the name alone. The name came while we were having a brainstorming session with an early potential partner. Albeit, that Viggo and I decided on the spelling of it. Basically the name is a combination of Electric and Vehicle, spelled in a modern way – ELL-WEE.



Viggo: In five years I envision Ellwee to have become a global company active in many markets, having a several different models that attend to different needs in different markets. One such market, is the elderly care. We believe that elderly people with minor to moderate mobility issues, not necessarily want to be identified or even have the need for expensive handicap- vehicles on the market today. This would be a great complement for them.

Mathias: We share the same vision for the company, and being committed to a sustainable future, means that we in five years has begun a journey in which we take part in building a society or “smart cities” that rely less on fossil fuel and more in electric solutions/share economy.


The Ellwee Multi Purpose Vehicle is equally great on the golf course, for transportation to work or recreation and fun at home. We are currently taking pre-orders.

Ellwee is setting a new standard, and here’s the reason why.

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Ellwee is setting a new standard. Until now, no electric bicycle or scooter has gone to market on four wheels, with multi purpose capabilities, still allowed in urban areas, on bicycle roads and/or car roads. We have made the Ellwee incredibly agile, yet stable and reliable for driving up to 10 hours consistently.

Ellwee will be propelled by a 1000 w electric motor with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. It will have type approval for Scooter EU, enabling the possibility to carry a second passenger. A mandatory traffic insurance will also insure the driver against most situations.

Ellwee is the first affordable electric multi purpose vehicle made in Sweden. The customer can choose from a number of ready fitted special edition Ellwees or simply assemble a bespoke Ellwee, choosing which accessories that will make it suit their individual needs. Ellwee is currently developing a variety of accessories that will be unique for this vehicle.

It’s a vehicle that anyone will love and it can be used by all generations of a family, from the age of 15 and up.

Ellwee is ready to launch!

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We are so excited to be able to leave stealth mode behind and tell you all about what we have been working on!

For well over a year and a half, our team of former SAAB and Volvo employees have been building a prototype of the next generation electric multi purpose vehicle.

Now, we are shipping it to Orlando to showcase it at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show. We have put a lot of effort into making an agile, advanced and affordable product and we are very proud of the result: The brand new Ellwee, which is now available for pre-order.