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A few words from the Founder:

“The decision to found a company to develop the electric four-wheeler of the future is a result of my previous efforts to find something more flexible for golf courses.

I was looking for a sturdy vehicle that can be used on and off golf courses, that doesn't need to be registered or requires a driving license. There were these old but reliable golf carts that haven't changed much in 60 years. And getting around a golf course on two or three wheels, you know, it wouldn't work on moist grass.
My co-founder and I tried importing four-wheelers from different manufacturers and tested them in real-life use, but the quality wasn't nearly up to it, they had mechanical failures and what not.

I had a vision of a lightweight, quick and fun electric vehicle with a beautiful form-factor. It had to be attractive at first glance. One that's easy to handle and can be loaded onto a trailer by just one person. But there just weren't any good alternatives on the market.
At the same time, the iconic car manufacturer SAAB Automobiles in Trollhättan, Sweden, had folded. We knew experienced engineers who were available and willing to help us build a new electric vehicle.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, who show up at the investors' door equipped with a powerpoint and lots of plans, my co-founder and I wanted to accomplish something before asking for serious money.

So we designed and built the vehicle from scratch with the help of the Trollhättan engineers, we financed a lot of it ourselves together with a few chosen business angels and we contracted the best technology partners.

Now we own the IP rights to a great and versatile vehicle, we've got a functioning manufacturing line, we've got the people to build it, and we've got the channels to sell it. This makes us stand out from other startups. It's time to ask for money now.”

Viggo HanssonFounder & CEO

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Meet Our Team

Our founder team features two seasoned entrepreneurs with astonishing drive and perseverance. They have the ability to make things happen, build personal relationships and get from talks to closed deals. They have a knack for handling engineering challenges as well as keeping costs under control.

Viggo Hansson

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, visionary, excels at people management, unrelenting energy. Experience from building retail companies, international logistics and selling cosmetics online.

Mathias Lindmark

Founder & CIO

MBA Int. Management. Entrepreneur. Multi-tasking achiever and a good team leader. Built SaaS companies within food on demand and e-sports platform.

Anders Eriksson

Board Member

MBA Finance and Accounting. Long-time entrepreneur. Currently board member in Heba Fastighets AB, a real estate company listed on the stock exchange NASDAQ OMX NORDIC Mid Cap list.

Our Advisors

Konrad Bergström


Expert on branding. Built Zound Industries, the earphone and speaker company with the brand name Marshall earphones & speakers, into a multi-billion SEK company.

Sean Webb


A cross-border independent financial planning and wealth manager for British, Irish, Scandinavian, and internationally minded francophone clients based in France.

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