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ELLWEE Swedish Electric Vehicles AB is a Sweden based automotive company based in Trollhättan, the home of SAAB Automobile. We are the future of electric powered transportation and aim to become a market leader in lightweight electric vehicles. The values of sustainability and the preservation of our beautiful planet Earth permeate our company and all our activities.


The ELLWEE is the first truly affordable electric multi-purpose vehicle.

“Our vision is to build the first truly affordable multi-purpose vehicle that is allowed in urban and recreational areas. Helping build a sustainable future.”

Building a sustainable future

The Electric Transport Solution

The ELLWEE is the first truly affordable electric multi-purpose vehicle. We envision our customers to choose from a range of ready-fitted vehicles or purchase a bespoke Ellwee fitted to their own unique specification, choosing the colours and accessories that will suit their individual needs.

We are a company that develops a versatile vehicle to be sold to many light electric vehicles segments. A light-weight multi-purpose vehicle that can substitute big, heavy and polluting cars, scooters and bicycles, as well as terrain vehicles, ELLWEE intends to become a transportation solution for all family members and of all types of demographics.

Always making progress

Continuous Development

Ellwee is continuously developing new accessories for different professional or leisure activities, the first being a range of accessories for the golf industry. Combined with a manufacturing process 100% based on modular assembly where suppliers provide ready-made plug-in components. This will ensure lean production and short delivery times.

In fact, we built a surprisingly advanced vehicle which deploys reliable and tested technology from the automotive industry. It features several components such as a double trailing arms solution that are seen on much more advanced and expensive vehicles. For instance, the front axle has been developed by automotive specialists and has been certified for speeds up to 80 km/h. Our rear axle construction is a patent-pending solution with unique features.

Viggo & Mathias - Ellwee Founders

”Ellwee is about reinventing your beliefs. Who says you can’t build an qualitative and reliable four-wheeled electric ’ scooter’ allowed in urban areas with almost unlimited multi purpose capabilities?”